Points to Help Sell

Points to Help Sell Your Business

We look forward to working with you in finding a suitable buyer for your business. You, the seller, are a valued and integral part of the marketing process. Here are a few recommendations that will be helpful in getting the maximum from both our efforts.

Though no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.Anon

Confidentiality – You must not tell anyone that your business is for sale. Key employees might resign, reducing the value to a prospective buyer. Employee theft may occur. Suppliers might jump ship. Competitors will use this information against you. Customers may leave and sales will drop. Confidentiality is also important to build the image value of your business to our prospect.

Business Hours – Please keep your normal operating hours. There is a tendency for some sellers to “letdown” when they put their businesses up for sale. However, the prospects must see your business at its best and most productive.

Housekeeping – Repair signs, replace lights, clean the premises, and dress up your presentation. Your business must look its best and any negative features eliminated before a showing.

Inventory – Maintain your inventory at a normal level, keep it fresh and properly displayed. Remove any items that are not included in the sale price, if possible.

Buyer/Seller Meetings – No one knows your business better than you do, so please help in physically showing your operation. Answer the buyer’s questions and be prepared to discuss the day-to-day operation. DO NOT discuss the purchase price or terms; defer these questions to your broker. Tell the prospect, “My Broker knows what I am asking and the terms I want. He/she will discuss them with you after our meeting”. DO NOT meet with a prospect without your Broker present. Our job is to get you the best deal; this cannot be done if we are out of the information loop.

Un-escorted Buyers – All of our prospects must sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement, however we cannot guarantee that a buyer will not show up unannounced and un-escorted. This is usually an effort to “back door” the process and drive your price down. Tell the buyer that employees do not know of the impending sale. You will be happy to meet with the buyer only after arrangements are made through Business Brokers South. Be polite, but forceful about this point as you show them to the door.

Offers to Purchase –¬†Business Brokers South¬†has an obligation to bring you any and all offers, no matter what the price and terms. Astute buyers will usually make low initial offers to insure that they are going to get the best-possible price and terms. Do not feel insulted by low offers; this is just a starting point. The prospect that makes a low offer may be the prospect that eventually buys your business.

Immediately – Notify your Broker of any changes in your business; a buyer will quickly disappear if new information is disclosed after initial interest. This is very important.